How Many Naps and How Long Should They Be?

How many naps per day should your baby be getting?

This will depend upon a few things:

  1. How old your baby is
  2. How long their naps are
  3. If your baby is fit and healthy

How Old is Your Baby?

Your baby’s age will determine how many naps they are likely to take. A newborn can take up to 10 catnaps a day, and a 6 month old may take 3 predictable naps per day.  Continue reading

How Much Sleep Should Baby Get?

How much sleep should you baby be getting in a 24 hour period?

While babies will vary in how much day sleep and night sleep they are getting, they usually all average out to about the same amount of sleep in a 24 hour period. So, if you have a great night sleeper, you might find that they only have short or infrequent naps during the day. Or, if you have a great day time napper, you might have issues with night sleeping, or a baby that goes down quite late at night. Continue reading

How Much Night Sleep Should Baby Get?

How long babies sleep overnight varies quite significantly from baby to baby, and when they finally sleep through the night will also vary significantly.

In this article is a graph that will show you averages of how long a baby will sleep overnight.  You will see that in the early months the number of hours is very low, this is because baby still needs to be fed quite often. As they grow older they require less overnight feeds and the number of hours of uninterupted sleep will lengthen. Continue reading