Whether you are a first time mom, have multiple children, follow a ‘system’, have read lots of books, demand feed, co-sleep, think that the word ‘schedule’ should not be used in the same sentence as ‘baby’ or have no preference for any of the above, you have one thing in common with everyone else who has visited this website…

You are looking for information on sleep or feeding routines for your little one.

Lots of people tend to use the word schedule, and while I have used it in this site because it is what a lot of people are looking for, I prefer to use the word routine. A dictionary will tell you that a routine is a regular course of procedures, which means a consistent and regular set of events for you and your baby.

It is important to remember that there is no right or wrong routine for your baby.

Some parents crave structure and want a clock driven schedule, some prefer no schedule or routine whatsoever. Some babies will naturally fall into a routine all by themselves, and some will seem to feed and sleep at random times and resist any kind of routine or schedule.

Almost all child rearing experts will agree however that most (not all) babies and children prefer to be and are more content on a routine.


6 Month Old Routine Example

What your 6 month old will be up to in terms of their development and daily needs, and what their eating and sleeping might look like through the day and night.

Wonder Weeks

If your baby is more fussy than usual, their feeding is all over the place, their sleeping is inconsistent, they cry a lot more and you’ve found yourself saying “teething?” … then your little one Read more…

6 Week Old Routine / Schedule

These are samples of a 6 week old’s daily routine / schedule to give you an idea of what other babies might be doing at the 6 week mark.