How much sleep should you baby be getting in a 24 hour period?

While babies will vary in how much day sleep and night sleep they are getting, they usually all average out to about the same amount of sleep in a 24 hour period. So, if you have a great night sleeper, you might find that they only have short or infrequent naps during the day. Or, if you have a great day time napper, you might have issues with night sleeping, or a baby that goes down quite late at night. Sometimes this sleeping behaviour is determined by the individual baby, and sometimes it is an issue with the overall routine that can usually be tweaked quite easily.

The below graph shows the average sleep a baby will get in a 24 hour period, however this can vary by one or two hours depending upon if your infant has low sleep needs or high sleep needs. The amount of total sleep in a 24 hour period will keep dropping until your child is no longer taking a day sleep, and will then average out at about 11-12 hours sleep per night.

how much sleep baby should get in 24 hours