The Sleep Sheep plays soothing sounds to help your baby settle and drift off to sleep. It is battery operated, securely attaches to the side of a crib or stroller (great for on the go!) and has 2 timer options.
He’s cute, he’s effective, and he’s recommended by moms all over the world.

With the SnoozeShade, gone are the days of hanging a wrap over your stroller. It’s blockout, it’s breathable and it’s portable. Oh, and it looks good!

The Sleepyhead Deluxe Pod is your take anywhere, portable bed for baby. It’s lightweight and easy to take out and about visiting, or for naps around the home and is a top recommendation from moms.

The Mozart Effect is a collection of beautiful classical pieces to help your baby move from play time to sleep time. It is especially useful to help create a bed time routine for those who take a long time to settle.




Aden + Anais classic bamboo swaddle wraps are the perfect swaddle. Bamboo for antibacterial properties and breathability, a great size, and a little bit of luxury.

The Serenity Star (again by Aden + Anais) is a 5 in 1 gadget to help babies fall asleep. It includes a clock, sound machine, night light, room temperature gauge AND a nifty feeding diary (great for easily tracking those night time feeds).

Designed especially for little escape artists, Swaddleme swaddles are designed to keep little arms and legs in! Top rated on Amazon and highly recommended to help restless little ones avoid waking during sleep cycle transitions.

When you’ve tried everything else and your arms (and eyes) are tried from rocking and patting, it might be time to try an electronic swing or rocker. While some parenting experts don’t recommend rocking to sleep, for fussy newborns or babies going through growth spurts or wonder weeks, they can be a lifesaver for parents.