The Top 9 Reasons Your Baby Won’t Sleep

why your baby won't sleep

All babies cry sometimes, and all babies have time where they have trouble going to or staying asleep. You might find that your baby has the odd occasion where they won’t go to sleep as easy, or there might be a period of a week or two where they seem to struggle more than usual. Here are the top 9 reasons your baby won’t sleep.

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Your Baby’s Sleep Month by Month

How much does a baby sleep?



How much and how long your baby sleeps is going to depend on your baby and your parenting style.  Some babies sleep lots, some not much. Some sleep in big bursts (long sleeps but not a lot of them) and others have short catnaps throughout the day. And some have high sleep needs while others have low sleep needs. The other factor is you. Are you happy to just take the day as it comes or have you layed down a schedule for your baby? Continue reading

How Many Naps and How Long Should They Be?

How many naps per day should your baby be getting?

This will depend upon a few things:

  1. How old your baby is
  2. How long their naps are
  3. If your baby is fit and healthy

How Old is Your Baby?

Your baby’s age will determine how many naps they are likely to take. A newborn can take up to 10 catnaps a day, and a 6 month old may take 3 predictable naps per day.  Continue reading

Newborn Sleep

newborn sleep[pinit]

I remember when my daughter was only 5 weeks old and I rushed onto an internet forum to see what her day should look like. I felt like her feeding and sleeping was all over the place and I was a failure as a mom because every day looked totally different and I couldn’t for the life of my see any pattern or routine emerging. I had no idea how to get her to follow a routine and felt like life was going to be a big unstructured mess forever. I had been told that things get easier when babies get to 6 weeks of age, I was nearly there, and nothing had changed! Continue reading