A chart can be a great way of tracking your baby’s day and night.  The benefits of charting:

  • You can learn when your baby has preferences for feeding or sleeping
  • You can see when patterns start to emerge
  • You can track bed times and morning wake times
  • You can track the number of feedings your baby has per day without having to guess
  • You will be encouraged when when see those night time sleeps start to extend!

baby schedule template

Seeing all of this on paper can really bring some clarity into what might seem inconsistent days and nights, particularly with newborns.

Download our baby schedule chart below (it uses Microsoft Excel) and you can start charting your baby’s progress right now! It’s easy and straight forward to use, just place a “S” for sleep or an “F” for feed in the appropriate time slot. The days are divided into 15 minute increments and the nights into 30 minute increments. The beauty of this format means you can see patterns emerge just by looking the colored boxes!

 Download your free baby chart here!